Work cells

Work cells with coordinate riveting machines and Process control HPP

For your radial riveting machine or press to perform at its maximum, most efficient level, BalTec designs standard assembly equipment as well as custom specific solutions to accomplish all production processes. Specializing in lean workcells, BalTec's experienced design team can take your assembly equipment system from conception through completion. 


Combined with Round table

Complete and autonomous working station with safety enclosure, coordinate riveting machine (X = 200 mm, Y = 300 mm) with round table (Ø = 870 mm).

Subject to technical changes.




For belt transfer system
Complete and autonomous working station with safety enclosure for integration into transfer line, coordinate riveting machine with customized belt system and workpiece holder, doubles or triples throughput even in small to medium runs,  according to the required riveting force; 4 different riveting units can be applied, proportional valve technique makes it easy to handle different rivets in the sam workpiece.

Subject to technical changes.



Both machines contain
Process monitoring and controlling, 63 riveting programs can be addressed and saved, 6 different control parameters / 45 riveting modes, integrated logger function, all data are recorded, ethernet und USB interfaces, 5.7“ touchscreen LED backlit.

Custom fixturing – Poka-yoke sensing.