Roller forming units

For each application, a customer specific rolling head and the correspondent machine are designed, to provide the best solution for your individual requirements.
Roller Forming is ideally used for applications when thin material walls and large diameters are present. When processed with a riveting peen, such pieces tend to bulge or collapse.

In combination with the Process Control HPP-25 this solution guarantees an exact and high-quality forming process which can be documented and proofed by means of the recorded process data.


Roller forming units with HPP-25
Without column and without working table, machine size based on needed torque and speed for optimal operation, based on riveting units RNE/ENE, electric drive, motor, eventually with gear box, specified to the optimal speed, with pneumatic or hydraulic unit, with proximity switch for spindle home position, with sensoring HPP (path & pressure).

Machine setup and design are customized due to customer requirements. Final quotation will be issued after clarification of all technical details.


Subject to technical changes.